Best baby names of 2019: How these celebrity parents choose the cool ones

December 26, 2019
  • Quinta Chan
    1 / 6 Quinta Chan

    TVB artistes Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin went with a unique name for the first child – a baby girl named Quinta that they welcomed in April. The name has Latin origins and means “fifth”. It’s ancient roots coupled with modern rarity make Quinta a highly desirable name.

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  • Maverick Nicolas Phelps
    2 / 6 Maverick Nicolas Phelps

    Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and wife, Nicole Michelle Phelps, welcomed their third baby, a boy, into the family on September 9. They named their son Maverick, which means someone in this family really likes the movie Top Gun, where Tom Cruise’s character dons the nickname.

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  • Rafael Cheng
    3 / 6 Rafael Cheng

    Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng welcomed their baby boy in February and this little man is sure to grow up to be an “aunty killer”. Just look at his handsome face! The glamorous couple from Hong Kong named their first-born Rafael, which is a boy’s name of Spanish origin meaning “God has healed”.

    (Also read: HK stars Kevin Cheng, Grace Chan spend time in Singapore with their son)

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  • Birdie Mae Johnson
    4 / 6 Birdie Mae Johnson

    Jessica Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, welcomed their gorgeous girl on March 19 but haven’t explained why exactly they named their third child Birdie. The unique moniker means “bright, famous” or also just “little bird.”

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  • Archie Harrison
    5 / 6 Archie Harrison

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made everyone wait to find out the name of their baby and kept everyone guessing till the very last minute. They then revealed a truly unusual name, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Archie has German origins and means “master,” “genuine” and “precious” while the full name Archibald means “bold” or “brave”. How very fitting!

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  • Psalm West
    6 / 6 Psalm West

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expanded their family by one more back in May when their surrogate gave birth to the couple’s fourth child. Kim and Kanye – who aren’t exactly known for their choices of traditional monikers for their children – have three other kids named North, Saint, and Chicago.

    (Photos: Instagram)

    A version of this article first appeared in Singapore Women’s Weekly.

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