8 bus-friendly strollers you should consider buying

By Kim Chan   — April 04, 2017
  • Babyzen Yoyo+ 6+
    1 / 8 Babyzen Yoyo+ 6+

    Besides a roomy compartment underneath to stow your diaper bag in, there’s even a pouch on the UPF 50+ canopy where you can store your EZ-link card – how bus-friendly can this get! Its four-wheel suspension and padded seat keep your little one comfy, up till when he weighs 18kg. When folded, it’s compact enough to be carried onboard a plane as hand luggage.

    Size: About 86cm long by 44cm wide by 1.06m tall (open); 18cm long by 44cm wide by 52cm tall (folded)
    Weight: 6.2kg
    How much: $799
    Where to buy: www.motherswork.com.sg 

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  • Bugaboo Bee 5
    2 / 8 Bugaboo Bee 5

    Travel in style and comfort with this fully customisable stroller – you can choose the colour and material of its canopy, seat, grip, and even the wheel caps. In fact, there’s a mind-boggling 792 mix-and-match possibilities. With its smooth steering and four-wheel suspension system, you don’t have to worry about bumpy roads. This is for little ones, up till when they weigh 17kg.

    Size: About 90 cm long by 54cm wide by 87cm tall (open); 90 cm long by 47cm wide by 32cm tall (folded)
    Weight: 8.9kg
    How much:
    From $1,149
    Where to buy: www.motherswork.com.sg and www.mothercare.com.sg

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  • Bonbijou Levi Stroller
    3 / 8 Bonbijou Levi Stroller

    The spacious seat provides a comfy sleeping space for newborns up to tots
    weighing 20kg. With a large three-fold hood and mesh design, this stroller has your little one covered – literally – and also provides ventilation.

    Size: About 77cm long by 42cm wide by 1m tall (open); 50cm long by 37cm wide by 68cm tall (folded)
    Weight: 5.5kg
    How much: $219
    Where to buy: www.infantino.com.sg and www.kiddypalace.com.sg

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  • Goodbaby Pockit+
    4 / 8 Goodbaby Pockit+

    The brand continues to be the Guinness World Record holder for smallest folded stroller on the market, even with this upgraded version. You can now attach a compatible car seat onto the stroller and travel with your newborn. Remove it when he turns six months old and it will serve you well till your child weighs 17kg. Another new feature is that you can adjust the backrest to an appropriate reclining angle.

    Size: About 71cm long by 47cm wide by 1.02m tall (open); 32cm long by 20cm wide by 38cm tall (folded)
    Weight: 4.9kg
    How much: $399
    Where to buy: Leading nursery retailers

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  • Mountain Buggy Nano
    5 / 8 Mountain Buggy Nano

    You’ll like that its mesh backing provides ventilation, keeping your little one cool and comfortable. It’s recommended for babies from six months old till they weigh 20kg, but you can buy an additional carrycot to fit your newborn. This is another great option that can be folded to fit into a plane’s overhead compartment.

    Size: About 54cm wide by 98cm tall (open); 30cm long by 54cm wide by 51cm tall (folded)
    Weight: 5.9kg
    How much: 
    Where to buy: www.motherswork.com.sg 

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  • Capella Coni Mini
    6 / 8 Capella Coni Mini

    Worried about sudden jerks on the bus? This stroller is said to offer shock absorption. The canopy also comes with 99 per cent UV protection and a rear window when it is up, so you can see your baby at all times!

about 70cm long by 50cm wide by 1.03m tall (when it’s open); 50cm long by 30.5cm wide by 94cm tall (folded)
    Weight: 6.6kg
    How much: $499
    Where to buy: Kiddy Palace and OG


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  • Chicco Snappy
    7 / 8 Chicco Snappy

    Looking for something simple and below $100? Then the Snappy umbrella-fold stroller is a great fit for you. It is the most basic no-fuss stroller in the Chicco range, suitable for kids from six to 36 months old. It also comes with a rain cover. Isn’t that just perfect for the unpredictable weather
    in Singapore?

    Size: About 82.5cm long by 46.5cm wide by 99cm tall (open); 1.12m long by 32cm wide by 22cm tall (folded)
    Weight: 5.7kg
    How much: $99.90
    Where to buy: www.fb.com/ChiccoSingapore



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  • Hauck Swift
    8 / 8 Hauck Swift

    Fitted with a wide padded seat, extendable canopy that can be pulled over your baby and an adjustable footrest, this model fits a newborn till he weighs 15kg. It also comes with a wide basket underneath, perfect for storing your shopping bags.

    Size: About 85cm long by 49cm wide by 99cm tall (open); 49cm long by 56cm wide by 28cm tall (folded)
    Weight: 6.4kg
    How much: $398
    Where to buy: www.fb.com/HauckSingapore

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