Actress Cheryl Wee actually follows traditional Chinese confinement practices after birth

May 08, 2018
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    Did you shower after giving birth? Actress and Jean Yip Group heiress, Cheryl Wee, confessed that she did not, until her gynaecologist advised otherwise.

    “I didn’t shower for the first five days (after giving birth) but ’cos I had UTI (urinary tract infection), my doctor said that I should shower,” the 31-year-old new mum shared in an interview with 8 Days. Still, she has been adding traditional herbs to her bath water.

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    Cheryl and her husband, architect Roy Fong, welcomed their first child, a son, on April 26 afternoon. The couple has yet to reveal the newborn’s name, only referring to him as Baby M.

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    The proud daddy shared on his Instagram: “40 weeks and 1 day in your mummy’s womb. 7 days of contraction. 13 hours of labour. A lifetime of love from your parents!!! Welcome to the world, my son!”

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    Baby M weighed 3kg at birth and was delivered by Dr Paul Tseng at Thomson Medical Centre. Cheryl had a natural birth with epidural pain relief.

    “I always thought I’d go with a C-section because I’m so afraid of pain, but fate led us to Dr Paul Tseng, who is very pro-natural birth. We found him via Google and didn’t know he was so popular and that he is actually my dad’s good friend’s brother!” she shared in an interview with Toggle.

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    In addition to taking herbal baths – a common Chinese confinement practice – Cheryl also follows a traditional diet lovingly prepared by her mum Jean Yip, who helms over 60 salons both locally and internationally.

    “The basic confinement food would be like pork liver and kidney with ginger. But my mum personally cooks three meals a day for me and she will think of new dishes so I won’t get sick of the food.

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    “I think confinement food is very important ’cos you’re recuperating.”

    She eats a lot of fish dishes, which she said helped her to increase her supply of breast milk for Baby M, adding: “So far, I haven’t had any difficulties pumping breast milk.”

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    She wrote on her Instagram that she has also been taking powdered traditional Chinese medicine prescribed the hospital’s TCM physician to strengthen her body and speed up recovery.

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    Last July, Cheryl and Roy amazed everyone on social media with their extravagant guo da li and tea ceremony, followed by a church wedding and a banquet at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel over two nights – which was dubbed the Wedding of the Year.

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    In December, she, took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy – through a short video, which garnered over 15,000 views and drew some 70 comments overnight.

    (Photos: Instagram/weecheryl)

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