Cute! This is how Cheryl Wee announces that she is expecting Baby No. 2

April 26, 2019
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    It’s exactly one year ago today (April 26) when actress and Jean Yip group’s heiress Cheryl Wee welcomed her first baby.

    Cheryl and her husband-architect Roy Fong held an early birthday party for little Marc recently at Botany cafe, co-owned by her celebrity chum Julie Tan.


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    Her parents, beauty mavens Mervin Wee and Jean Yip, were clearly besotted with their first grandchild. The couple helms over 60 salons both locally and internationally.

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    Cheryl often shares glimpses of her family life with her 83,000 followers on Instagram, but Baby Marc’s face would always be partially shielded in the photos.

    What a pleasant surprise it was that she didn’t cover his face this time around as she posted a series of celebration photos. Marc must be a fan of Winnie the Pooh as that was the theme for his birthday party.

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    And there was another surprise! She shared this photo of her holding up a little T-shirt with the words: I may only be 1, but I’m going to be a KOR KOR!

    Now, that’s the cue for her followers to leave their congratulatory messages.

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    In an interview with Toggle, Cheryl said that her second baby is due in late September. She found out she was pregnant not long before her sister Rachel’s wedding in January.



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    Cheryl also had a scare during the first trimester of her pregnancy. “I suddenly started spotting and bleeding, so I had to cut down on work and stop moving about, and had to pretty much just be lying down all the time,” she shared during the interview.

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    Cheryl will be mindful to have good confinement care after giving birth. “I think I didn’t rest enough after I had Marc, so I found myself falling ill quite often, which kind of affected the early part of this pregnancy because my immunity is weaker, causing more downtime,” she told Toggle.

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    (Photos: Instagram)

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