Cute! 9 premature babies transform into superheroes at hospital

November 22, 2016
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    Nine premature babies were hailed as superheroes and dressed in costumes to match at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) last week.

    Senior physiotherapists Shelly-Anne Sherwood, 34, and Nur Mazlina Mazlan, 33, came up with the idea to celebrate their resilience, KKH said. They and their friends knitted all the superhero outfits.

    “We were inspired by their daily triumphs over challenges,” the two said in an e-mail to The Straits Times, adding that it was a tribute to all premature babies.

    The photos were shared on Facebook as part of KKH’s Early Bird Baby Club commemoration of Prematurity Awareness Month.

    The club is a support group for parents of premature babies born at the hospital. Ms Sherwood and Ms Mazlina are volunteers, as is Dr Janlie Banas, from the Department of Neonatology, who took the photos.

    “Although it was a little more challenging to photograph some of the preemies who are on breathing support, I must say all of them did very well during the photo shoot, they are indeed our superhero preemies!” Dr Janlie, who is in her 30s, told The Straits Times.

    The clinical associate added: “Many times these preemies surprise us with their display of strength and resilience. One of the best moments for me when it comes to caring for premature babies is seeing them well enough to be discharged and going home with their loved ones.”

    Click on arrows in photos to meet the nine mini superheroes.

    A version of this article first appeared in The Straits Times.

    (Photos: KKH)

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  • Wei Yan, the Green Lantern
    2 / 10 Wei Yan, the Green Lantern

    Born at: 24 weeks 4 days gestation

    Birth weight: 780g

    No. of days in hospital: 105 days and still inpatient

    Superhero trait: Brave. Beacon of strength even though his twin brother has been discharged.

    Dr Janlie Banas says on Facebook: “Taking a shot of Wei yan was challenging since we couldnt get him out of his cot. But when he did this pose, i knew he was showing us his own superhero preemie moment! Well done little one”


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  • Joshua, the Spiderboy
    3 / 10 Joshua, the Spiderboy

    Born at: 30 weeks 4 days gestation

    Birth weight: 1,750g

    No. of days in hospital: 43 days

    Superhero trait: Charming. Wins everyone over.

    Dr Banas says: “Oh joshua! Always so adorable, no special pose required to make him ever cute!”

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  • Elyza, the Supergirl
    4 / 10 Elyza, the Supergirl

    Born at: 26 weeks 1 day gestation

    Birth weight: 850g

    No. of days in hospital: 45 days and still inpatient

    Superhero trait: Fortitude. Able to remain calm even when things get chaotic.

    Dr Banas says: “Elyza, ever peaceful elyza was so cooperative during the photoshoot despite the cpap. She is one smiling super preemie”

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  • Sheraz, Thor
    5 / 10 Sheraz, Thor

    Born at: 29 weeks gestation

    Birth weight: 500g

    No. of days in hospital: 98 days and still inpatient

    Superhero trait: Indestructible. Smashes every challenge that comes his way.

    Dr Banas says: “Aww sheraz.. he may be the smallest but that little face gave many expressions during the photoshoot! He was truly adorable with his tiny fingers gripping that hammer. Small but mighty thor sheraz!”

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  • Avril, the Wondergirl
    6 / 10 Avril, the Wondergirl

    Born at: 24 weeks 6 days gestation

    Birth weight: 810g

    No. of days in hospital: 98 days

    Superhero trait: Zealous. Lively and energetic, especially at milk times.

    Dr Banas says: “Avril.. this pretty wondergirl had the most poses during the photoshoot. Eventhough it was milktime already she gave us this heartwarming smile – thats when i said this is it! Keep smiling avril”


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  • Asher, Robin
    7 / 10 Asher, Robin

    Born at: 26 weeks gestation

    Birth weight: 855g

    No. of days in hospital: 112 days and still inpatient

    Superhero trait: Resilient, against all the odds.

    Dr Banas says: “Asher was soooo cute.. he made one pose stretching out his arm like he was going to fly! That cpap is out now.. stay strong robin asher!”

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  • Chen An, The Flash
    8 / 10 Chen An, The Flash

    Born at: 29 weeks 2 days gestation

    Birth weight: 1,350g

    No. of days in hospital: 36 days and still inpatient

    Superhero trait: Swift. Quick to learn new tasks.

    Dr Banas says: “Chen an was so cute during the photo shoot, eventhough he wanted to go back again to sleep, he gave us nice poses to take such a sweet one”

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  • Thaqif, Captain America
    9 / 10 Thaqif, Captain America

    Born at: 24 weeks gestation

    Birth weight: 600g

    No. of days in hospital: 216 days

    Superhero trait: The strong and mighty one. Makes his presence known.

    Dr Banas says: “Thaqif was active during the photo shoot… trying to move his head around as if he was searching for the camera. A salute to you captain thaqif! Take care.. you are home now” 

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  • Aliia, the Wondergirl
    10 / 10 Aliia, the Wondergirl

    Born at: 24 weeks 3 days gestation

    Birth weight: 710g

    No. of days in hospital: 200 days and still inpatient

    Superhero trait: Courageous. Braved through storms.

    Dr Banas says: “Aliia! Oh what a pretty face – i knew from the start she’d make a good wondergirl model”

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