7 fine motor skills activities for toddlers that are great fun

September 17, 2018
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    Toddlers love tearing, pinching, poking and squeezing, which is why many parents think they’re forces of destruction around the home.

    But Coreen Soh, deputy general manager at The Little Skool-House International points out: “These actions are important fine motor skills that must be developed to improve their independence and dexterity.”

    Here’s how you can use everyday activities to help improve her fine motor skills.

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    Get her assistance when removing sticky tape or price tags. Challenging but stimulating, activities that require her to help out with chores provide a sense of inclusion. Try this variation: She can repeatedly stick pieces of masking tape over price tags and removing them.

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    Ask your kid to tear up junk mail or flyers before you discard them.

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    Let her scrub old peanut butter jars clean using an old toothbrush, kitchen towel and some soapy water. It’s great for developing coordination in holding the jar and using the toothbrush.

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    Sorting out laundry and pairing socks make good incidental learning, besides honing motor skills. Or ask her to help put away dry laundry by unpegging clothes from poles.

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    Transfer ketchup or chilli sauce into soft squeeze bottles and allow her to help add sauce into the dip dishes during mealtimes.

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    Attach bottle pumps to shampoo and body wash, and ask her to pump out the amount she needs during her bath.

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    Allow her to feed herself with a small portion from her own bowl while you alternate with feeding her from your bowl. The portion in her bowl should increase as her skill develops.

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