This fit mum gave birth to four girls via C-section

May 02, 2017
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    Dawn Sim is a mother of four daughters aged one, five, eight and 10 – they were all born via Caesarean section.

    “I knew that the journey to recovery would be a challenge. Especially with multiple surgeries, it did get harder,” said the 37-year-old founder of local yoga studio Trium Fitness and aerial yoga guru. “But I also became better educated and prepared along the way.

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    “My first response was to find out how I could safely and surely build up my core strength again and breastfeed my babies during recuperation,” Dawn added.

    She recalled how after her two older girls were born in France, where they lived for four years, it took “creativity and a lot of self-motivation” to settle the kids and head out for a jog.

    Most of the time, she involved them in her workouts to make things simpler.

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    Having to juggle her career and family, she would sometimes take her children to work in order to be close to them.

    “I always make spending quality time with my kids and exercising daily a priority,” said Dawn, who is one of three advocates of adult milk powder brand Anlene’s new #MoveYoung campaign that encourages women to get active.

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    Today, Dawn exercises on a daily basis even with her busy schedule, varying the intensity and type of workout depending on how she feels.

    She usually runs and does yoga and pilates as well as circuit training.

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    Dawn credited her father for being a positive influence on her active lifestyle since she was in primary school, during which she competed in swimming, track and field and endurance sports.

    She said: “Sometimes, all I can manage is 20 to 30 minutes of working out, but it still makes me feel amazing and full of energy by the end of it…

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    “I have my lazy days, when all I want to do is just laze in bed. But I am someone with a positive attitude, and I usually cheer myself on to try and complete at least five minutes of a workout. That little bit of exercise is enough to get me pumped up and energised to do so much more.”

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    According to her, the benefits of keeping fit go beyond the physical results.

    She said: “You have to make time to take care of yourself because it helps you be a better parent for sure. And of course, you will be setting an example for your kids to follow, too.”

    A version of this article first appeared on The New Paper.

    (Photos: Instagram/thatmomoffour)

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