Freezing her eggs: Why Singapore actress Ase Wang did it

July 20, 2018
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    While everyone would be very interested in a video where Ase Wang checked into the hospital, most were not prepared to see the Singapore actress getting teary-eyed as she spoke about her experience of freezing her eggs.

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    Ase’s low egg reserve means she can’t have children naturally. It led her to decide to get her eggs frozen in June this year.

    She hopes that the video on her Instagram “encourages and educates women on what the process is and most of all bring awareness to Singapore”. In Singapore, single women do not have the option to freeze their eggs, and she wants to help change that.

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    In the video, Ase shares about the “emotional process but one that is so fulfilling” and especially reaches out to women who “feel like you’ve failed if you can’t have kids naturally – it’s OK”.

    There were side effects, she admits, which range from “didn’t sleep that well” to “feeling a little bloated”, but she feels “physically fine”.

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    Ase, who is single, says in an interview she received “hundreds of DMs” from women who shared their own stories with her, including those who do not have money to freeze their eggs.

    “I wasn’t expecting this kind of response,” she adds. “In a way, making the video is also my way of dealing with the whole thing.”

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    Ase divides her time between Bangkok and Singapore. Born to a Chinese-Singaporean father and Swedish mother, she started modelling at the age of 18. The 36-year-old still cuts a sexy figure, which she shows off on her Instagram, which has 183,000 (and counting) followers.

    “I feel sexier now than when I was younger,” she told The New Paper. “It stems from the fact that I am now a woman) and not a girl. I have grown more confident, and I know what I want and what works for me.”

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    Her good looks are admired and appreciated by many, but they have also sometimes attracted attention from the wrong people. Like one Harvey Weinstein.

    She met him 12 years ago in Thailand, when his assistant called him to invite her to dinner. She felt something was amiss soon after she arrived at the venue.

    “I didn’t feel like I was invited to talk about work or collaboration opportunities… Later I saw the women left one by one, probably they were going to Weinstein’s room. I quickly left.”

    The assistant called the next day, but Ase rejected the dinner invitation.

    (Photos: Instagram/Ase_wang)

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