5 questions to ask before you buy a stroller

February 10, 2017
  • Surely I can’t go wrong investing in a premium model, right?
    1 / 5 Surely I can’t go wrong investing in a premium model, right?

    Don’t fall into the trap that if a stroller costs more, it will automatically be better. 

    “Quality and cost don’t necessarily go hand in hand,” Sandy Jones, author of parenting book Great Expectations: Best Baby Gear, advises. “There’s always the risk of being seduced by the image that a stroller conveys, when a more economical model or one with fewer options might meet your (and your baby’s) needs just as efficiently.”

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  • So how do I choose the perfect one for my kid?
    2 / 5 So how do I choose the perfect one for my kid?

    The No. 1 rule: Don’t buy on impulse. Sandy adds: “Simply because you’ve fallen in love with a leopard-print stroller that goes with your favourite purse doesn’t mean it will be the most comfortable one for you and your baby, or that it will be the most serviceable one over the next four years.” 

    Nursery retailer Mothercare’s training manager, Amy Lim, suggests that parents take their time to research and shop together. “In fact, we encourage them not to buy anything on their first visit.”

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  • What should I look out for?
    3 / 5 What should I look out for?

    Just like buying a car, it’s important to give the stroller a test run before buying, Amy explains. While mums usually go for style and quality, and dads for gears and functionality, here are some common considerations:

    • You’ll open and fold the unit hundreds of times. Make sure this isn’t awkward or difficult to do. 

    • Its handlebar should be at a comfortable height for you, with no strain on your wrist. 

    • Check that you don’t kick the frame’s rear axle or wheels when you’re walking quickly.

    • Agree on a manageable weight and size (dads are usually attracted to the bulky models). Keep in mind that you’re going to have to lift the stroller in and out of your car, and manage it over kerbs.

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  • Do I need more than one?
    4 / 5 Do I need more than one?

    Many models claim they’re built to support your child’s growth from newborn till she outgrows her stroller. Logically, you can actually rely on only one pram. 

    But as with cars, bags and consumer products these days, it’s tempting to check out the latest and greatest… and then upgrade. That’s why some parents end up with more than one stroller. 

    Entrepreneur Tjin Lee describes herself as a “stroller addict” and has gone through at least 12 models between her two kids, aged three and nine months. “For different occasions!” she justifies with a laugh.

    When she attends events, she pushes her baby around in a high stroller “so people don’t have to bend over and talk to him”. She also has lightweight ones for travel, and mid-sized ones for everyday use.

    “All of them have different pros and cons,” Tjin adds. “You can have a lightweight pram, but it can feel flimsy. When you have a big and sturdy one, it can be hard to get around when you’re out with Baby alone or rely on public transport.”

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  • What else is trending in the stroller scene? 
    5 / 5 What else is trending in the stroller scene? 

    With travel strollers, being lightweight is no longer enough. Before your next holiday, you’ll want to invest in a compact pram that you can fold – and fold and fold. 

    This allows you to store it in carry-on bags that fit the plane’s overhead compartment. No more worries about your buggy being thrown and damaged by baggage handlers.  

    Plus, when the plane lands, you can use it immediately.

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