How to choose and train a domestic helper for baby-care

September 20, 2017
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    Believe it or not, your maid could be afraid of handling your little one.

    Help her cope better with these expert tips.

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  • Hire a helper before Baby is born
    2 / 6 Hire a helper before Baby is born

    During this period, get her used to the culture in Singapore and your household first, suggests Edison Phua, director at Pem Maid Employment Agency.

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  • Ask your agency to set up a video call
    3 / 6 Ask your agency to set up a video call

    During the session, find out if the prospective maid has experience looking after babies.

    Brief her about her duties and emphasise that she has to attend to the newborn at night, says Edison.

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  • Make sure she's trained
    4 / 6 Make sure she's trained

    Check that the prospective maid is trained at a centre with infantcare facilities, adds Edison.

    Without guidance, she may not know how to carry and feed Baby.

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  • An inexperienced maid may violently shake Baby
    5 / 6 An inexperienced maid may violently shake Baby

    This may cause “shaking syndrome”, which can cause brain injury or even death.

    Help her to understand why Baby is crying and identify his different needs instead.

    It might take at least one to two months before she can take care of your newborn independently, says Edison.

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  • Give her a list of emergency numbers
    6 / 6 Give her a list of emergency numbers

    This tip comes from Wong Boh Boi, assistant director (Clinical) and senior lactation consultant at Thomson Parentcraft Centre.

    It helps to prepare a timetable for feeding and bathing Baby, too.


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