Instagram influencer parents are cool, but what if you’re not one of them?

By Dr Richard C. Woolfson   — November 21, 2018
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    As you follow your favourite parent-influencers on Instagram and Facebook, you see that their kids are wearing the coolest #ootd and playing with the hottest toys.

    These families are always holidaying at cool hotels and using the latest strollers, #sponsored or not.

    Naturally, you want your baby to have the best of everything, so she will look like the adorable ones in these posts, as well.

    But, the images you see on Instagram don’t necessarily reflect the real world of parenting. Remember the following points, too, as you scroll your social media feed.

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  • Keep social media postings in perspective
    2 / 5 Keep social media postings in perspective

    Parents don’t usually post negative images. They want their friends to think the best of their family, so they prepare the kids for the photograph by dressing them in the best clothes and playing with the best toys.

    It certainly doesn’t mean everybody else’s kid has the latest designer T-shirt or the newest playthings. While some parents can afford to buy such items constantly for their children, the vast majority have limited financial resources.

    Social media represents a virtual reality, a world in which people can, and often do, pretend to be whatever they want.

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  • Recognise that parents have always been like this
    3 / 5 Recognise that parents have always been like this

    Long before social media and even the Internet, parents took pictures of their kids wearing their best clothes.

    Rummage through old family photographs of your parents and grandparents. You’ll notice that everyone is so neat, with not a hair out of place and wearing their finest outfits, even though their standard of living was lower than yours.

    Parents in those days wanted family images that made them look prosperous and elegant; they did not want to display a photo with people wearing torn and dirty clothes, and the children playing with broken toys.

    Today’s parents are no different. It’s just that instead of putting a “staged” family photo in a frame, they post it online.

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  • Have confidence in yourself as a parent
    4 / 5 Have confidence in yourself as a parent

    Instead of worrying about what others are buying for their kids, have confidence in your own decision-making as a mum.

    Making your child feel valued and stimulating her development are much more important than buying her that limited-edition stroller or branded pair of shoes. These items bring you only momentary happiness.

    Anyway, when you think about it, you must admit that your baby doesn’t care at all where her outfits come from. She just wants to feel clean and comfortable. Tell yourself you are doing a good job as a parent.

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  • Stay within your means
    5 / 5 Stay within your means

    In our consumer-driven society, the pressure to spend is all around. You see advertisements all the time urging you to buy something new.

    But if you stretch your finances in order to impress your social media followers, your family will eventually suffer. You won’t have money for the important things.

    Of course, you can buy your little one pretty dresses, but they should be within your budget. Remember, no baby was ever psychologically damaged by not having designer clothes!


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