It’s a baby boy for Jamie Yeo!

September 25, 2017
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    Radio DJ and television host Jamie Yeo surprised her Instagram followers on Sunday (Sept 24) when she announced that she had given birth to her second child, Luke, almost a month ago on Aug 29 at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

    He arrived “a little early at 35 weeks, but healthy and at a respectable 2.35kg”, the 39-year-old shared in an Instagram post.

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    Luke is her first child with her 38-year-old husband, who is only revealed as Rupert. Jamie announced that she had gotten married to the British expatriate and was five months pregnant earlier in June.

    “After 3 weeks getting spoilt by the amazing world class nurses and docs in the HD ward of SGH our little man Luke is finally home!”

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    “Massive thanks also to the medical staff especially the ever cheerful nurses in the maternity and labour wards, whose experience helped get us through a month of hospitalisation for Mummy and got baby Luke to a safe place for delivery,” she wrote in the Instagram post.

    This has been a difficult pregnancy for Jamie, who had been on bed rest in hospital since she was 32 weeks pregnant.

    She added: “Special mention to Prof Yong Tze Tein! We could not have asked for a cooler or more competent gynea!”

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    “Now we’re finally looking forward to bonding time at home for all the family,” she wrote. The family lives in a two-bedroom condominium apartment at Sunset Way.

    She has a seven-year-old daughter Alysia from her second marriage to British expatriate Thorsten Nolte. Alysia was also born premature, arriving 10 weeks early and weighed just 1.2kg.

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    Jamie had earlier revealed that she met Rupert, who works at a consultancy firm, on Tinder and said yes to his proposal after eight months of dating.

    She was first married to SPH Radio’s One FM 91.3 DJ Glenn Ong in 2004, before they split in 2009. He also had his third wedding last year – to Class 95 FM’s Jean Danker.

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    She said Rupert has been helping her raise daughter Alysia, whom Jamie has sole custody of. Previously, she was looking after Alysia by herself.

    Describing him as dedicated, sweet, quiet and sensitive, Jamie added that she hopes Alysia will eventually come to see Rupert as a father figure, even though he is not her biological father.

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    (Photos: Instagram/iamjamieyeo & urbanfarmerly)

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