Inside the extravagant birthday party for billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter and grandson

July 23, 2018
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    Singapore billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter Kim celebrated her 27th birthday on July 21 with an extravagant party at the Fullerton Bay Hotel. It was double the joy as the occasion also feted the first birthday of her son, Kyden Kho, who was born on July 18 last year.

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    Kim pulled out all stops to ensure it was a memorable and Instagram-worthy event for her famous, rich and good-looking friends. Many of them posted photos on their social media accounts, giving us a peek into the festivities.

    Kyden is Kim’s son with BK Kho, who wasn’t seen in the photos. The couple postponed their wedding from March to October so they could concentrate on caring for the boy.

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    The joint birthday bash brought to mind the 99th-day party Kim held for Kyden last October at The Ritz-Carlton hotel. Highlights included a merry-go-round, several tiered birthday cakes, dessert tables filled with yummy bites, and a ceiling covered with helium balloons.

    This time, guests were treated to unicorn-shaped floats in the hotel pool, a unicorn cake, a teddy bear cake, and lots of balloons in the sweetest pastels.

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    This teddy bear cake very nearly stole the spotlight from Kim and baby Kyden.

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    Unicorns are a thing because Kim’s birthday party said so.

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    Adding on to the magic was fireworks, thanks to the National Day Parade rehearsal at the floating platform. You bet Kim chose this hotel to hold the party because it offers a vantage point to the glorious moment.

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    “I planned all of my dream (wedding) decor and gave it to my baby’s birthday celebrations,” Kim said during an interview with The Straits Times.

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    Now that she’s a mother, Kim often shares parenting tips with other mummy friends. These topics range from breastfeeding to weight-loss. She said she wants to help other friends ease into motherhood, too.

    Caring for baby Kyden means Kim gets to go out less these days and prefers to spend evenings at home. The party was a good excuse to catch up with everyone she loves.

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    “I have to take care of myself for my son, you know? I have to be more responsible,” she told The Straits Times. “The baby comes before everything, so I want to do things for him.”

    It includes keeping him out of the social media spotlight for now, which is why she doesn’t expose her baby’s face in her photos. She feels that he deserves privacy and should enjoy a regular childhood like other kids. Furthermore, “he may or may not like the exposure”.

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    (Photos: Instagram Story/Kim Lim)


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