TV host Lee Teng, fiancee to welcome baby in October

May 27, 2020
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    Home-grown television host Lee Teng announced on Monday (May 25) on Instagram that his fiancee Gina Lin is pregnant.

    Lee uploaded pictures of him, with a stuffed toy underneath his shirt to pretend he was pregnant, with his fiancee.

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    He wrote on Instagram, referring to the baby’s nickname: “This is the best gift for my birthday this year. Hello Little Beansprout, welcome to our little family.” Lee will turn 37 on May 30.

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    Lee proposed to Ms Lin in March this year. He posted photos of the proposal and engagement ring on Instagram with the caption: “Hello Mrs Lee. This was a simple, sweet surprise. I put the next half of my life into your hands.”

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    Lee was born in Taiwan but moved to Singapore when he was a child. He became a full-time television personality after emerging first runner-up on local reality competition SuperHost in 2006. He has since consistently hosted local variety programmes.

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    Ms Lin, an advertising executive, is nine years his junior. She is from Taiwan and is also based in Singapore. According to a previous interview Lee did with Lianhe Zaobao, the couple began dating in October 2018. He said then: “I saw her profile on Instagram and thought she’s really pretty. Then I realised she’s my younger sister’s friend, so I asked her to introduce us.”

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    Lee told local Chinese news outlet Shin Min Daily News that she is expected to go into labour sometime in early October. He wants to keep the baby’s gender a secret for now, will register their marriage in June, after circuit breaker measures are eased.

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    He says: “We had a long discussion and she wants to go back to her home in Taiwan to give birth. Taiwan is managing their coronavirus situation quite well so we will fly her back next month. I will definitely be by her side for the labour. That is very important.”

    A version of this article first appeared in The Straits Times.

    (Photos: Lee Teng/Instagram)

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