8 maternity style inspiration from your favourite mummy influencers

March 26, 2018
  • Velda Tan
    1 / 9 Velda Tan

    The ruffle details on her dress draw attention away from her baby bump, a great idea if you are a little shy about showing off your tummy. But I would advise going with flats instead of heels during pregnancy. If you must wear heels for special occasions, block heels, flatform shoes or wedge sandals are more stable to walk in.

    (Photo: Instagram/belluspuera)

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  • Bong QiuQiu
    2 / 9 Bong QiuQiu

    An oversized shirt dress is a stylish maternity choice. Like Qiuqiu, you can style it with a resort feel by adding sunglasses and wrapping a cardigan around the neck, or you can pair it with a leather jacket and look like a badass Mummy. As your bump gets bigger, you can always unbutton the shirt dress and layer it over another dress.

    (Photo: Instagram/bongqiuqiu)

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  • Charmaine Seah-Ong
    3 / 9 Charmaine Seah-Ong

    Maternity wear doesn’t have to be either conservative cover-ups or body-con dressing. A flowy dress with a slit allows for more movement, which can be practical during pregnancy. The slit also shows off a little skin and underscores your confidence in your glowing pregnant body.

    (Photo: Instagram/eleventhour)

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  • Joanne Peh
    4 / 9 Joanne Peh

    Rather than going for a solid color, low-key prints can actually draw attention away from your baby bump. Besides, they add character to a basic dress.

    (Photo: Instagram/joannepeh)

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  • Jessica Tham
    5 / 9 Jessica Tham

    A contrasting belt over dresses and longer tops shows off your gorgeous baby bump. If you prefer a more low-key style, use a belt that is in the same colour tone as the dress.

    (Photo: Instagram/tippytapp)

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  • Cheryl Wee
    6 / 9 Cheryl Wee

    A cardigan or long lightweight coat is your best friend when you are between trimesters. Layering it over tops and dresses is an easy way to conceal what you are not comfortable with, yet highlights your cute baby bump.

    (Photo: Instagram/weecheryl)

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  • Jamie Yeo
    7 / 9 Jamie Yeo

    A classic V-neckline elongates the neck and draws attention towards your tummy. The cap-sleeves are a great way to hide arms. You can also wear drop earrings to add more character to the look.

    (Photo: Insatgram/iamjamieyeo)

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  • Tay Kewei
    8 / 9 Tay Kewei

    This has to be the most practical and comfortable maternity style. You will definitely still wear the sporty pullover dress with sneakers after giving birth.

    (Photo: Instagram/keweitay)

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  • 9 / 9

    These tips were shared by freelance fashion stylist Angela Chu, who has worked with celebrities Vivian Lai and Paige Chua. She recently had fun dressing her own baby bump – she welcomed her first child in March. Here are more maternity style #inspo tips from her:

    “My job requires me to be always on the move, so comfort and practicality are important.

    “During my pregnancy, I tried my best to work with what I had in my wardrobe. Long boxy tops are great for covering my growing belly and I don’t have to worry about my tummy showing when there is a need to extend my reach.

    “As for bottoms, I usually opt for pencil skirts in jersey – the material is stretchy and can ‘grow’ with your tummy – or layered, ruffled long skirts with an elastic waist. I prefer dark solid colours as they’re easy to match.

    “I’d complete the look with sneakers or loafers with thick soles. They are much more comfortable after long hours of standing and walking.”

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