Hong Kong actor Michael Tse shows off second baby, and she’s too cute

October 09, 2018
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    Michael Tse, the Hong Kong actor best known for his portrayal of undercover agent “Laughing Gor” in the hit TV action-drama EU, is a father again.

    He announced the delightful news on his Weibo on October 3.

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    The arrival of Baby Mia, who weighed 2.88kg at birth, gave Michael much joy. “I would like to thank everyone for their congratulations. I hope she will grow up happy and healthy…I’m grateful,” he shared.

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    Michael and his wife Tina Lee married in 2005, after a 12-year courtship. They met when Michael was a singer; she was working as a music producer then.

    They have a son Theo, who is three years old. Theo was born after the couple’s fifth attempt at IVF. He was born via C-section.

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    Just last month, during a promotional activity for his latest movie Golden Job, he’d let on that his wife was expecting a girl.

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    Michael, who’s said to have always desired a daughter, insists he will be treating both his kids equally. He laughs: “I’ll dote on both of them…How can I be biased towards one?”

    (Photos: Weibo)


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