Naomi Neo gives birth to first baby at age 22

June 26, 2018
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    Naomi Neo and her husband welcomed their baby boy yesterday (June 25) at Thomson Medical Centre.

    The 22-year-old Singapore social media star shared the news with her 439,000 followers on Instagram, introducing her little bundle of joy only as Baby K.

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    The doe-eyed influencer first hinted that her baby was arriving by posting a video of herself on a hospital bed.

    On her Instagram Story, she was also seen going through the items in the hospital bag provided for new mums.

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    Despite her young age, Naomi wasn’t spared the exhaustion that came with childbirth and breastfeeding.

    The first-time mum shared her thoughts on Instagram Story: “Omg was so exhausted and groggy… slept for probably more than 12 hours, but work up 6 times to breastfeed and aother probably 5-10 times to take meds, check my blood pressure etc. And now I’m just rly happy cos both baby K and my hubs are by my side while I get to have a proper meal and drink my fav fish & green papaya soup from @thomsonmedical which I’ve been craving for since I first tried it 3 weeks ago when I came in for the maternity tour.”

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    Before Naomi went into the delivery suite, she was surrounded by good friends, including her former boyfriend and fellow social media star Jianhao Tan. They remained chummy after the breakup.

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    Not much is known about her husband, whom she only refers to as H. The couple tied the knot in March this year, the same month when she revealed that she was six months pregnant.

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    Naomi is also a savvy Youtube star with over 335,000 subscribers, and has been releasing videos about her pregnancy journey.

    In one of her videos, she shared that she met her husband last year and had found out she was pregnant in October 2017.

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    Her baby gender reveal video has garnered over 322,000 views since she uploaded it two weeks ago.

    Now it will be interesting to see how this lifestyle and fashion influencer will take her career to new heights as a young mum!

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    In case you’re still wondering who Naomi is, get this: She has an entry on, which ranked her #4,021 “most popular”. In contrast, social media star Xiaxue is ranked #9,781 and actress Fann Wong is #46,318.

    The website carries this description about Naomi: She became an avid social media user in 2009, first gaining recognition for expressing her opinions on Facebook. In 2010, a blog post of hers titled Mothers went viral, leading her to take blogging more seriously in 2011.

    (Photos: Instagram/@naomineo_)

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