Steal her maternity style: Actress, third-time mum Nurul Aini shares tips for dressing the baby bump

June 30, 2019
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    Singapore actress and TV presenter, Nurul Aini, still looks impossibly chic and elegant even though she is eight months pregnant with her third child.

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    The star of the local English drama series Lion Mums already has a son and daughter who are turning nine and seven respectively. But Nurul shares that fashion has taken a back seat – comfort naturally trumps style during this period.

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    “Being pregnant has changed the way I dress a whole lot. Some days I am in very mismatched clothes, but it doesn’t matter as much to me now because comfort is key. I bought some maternity jeans because all I have are skinny jeans. I am not skinny now,” Nurul joked.

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    She currently prefers dresses over separates as “anything that stops at the waist or below the tummy irritates me”.  She added that vests are useful articles of clothing during pregnancy as “they hide the bulging sides of the waist”.

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    According to her, “laziness and fatigue” prevent her from dressing up on a daily basis, and she also now favours a fuss-free, minimal beauty look.

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    On how she maintains her radiant good looks, she said: “I have days when my skin just doesn’t cooperate too. But I sleep a lot, rest whenever I can, eat fruits every day and drink lots of water.”

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    Although Nurul will not be able to do much visiting during the upcoming Hari Raya as she is so far along, she is still looking forward to coordinating the traditional outfits with the rest of her family.

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    As for her own ensemble this year, she has been gifted a matching mother-daughter kaftan set from homegrown designer Lulu Alhadad, whose brand is synonymous with Singapore Muslimah fashion and bridal wear.

    She swears by kaftans as they “look good” and are “most comfortable” for expectant mums, making them perfect for the season.

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    Said Nurul, who stands at 1.72m: “I always have to tailor my Raya outfits because it’s hard to get outfits that can fit my long limbs. It’s been a problem since I was young. My mum used to have to sew all my Raya outfits.”

    She added candidly: “The best part about being pregnant during Raya is that I get to eat anything and everything and not feel guilty about it later.”

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    A version of this article first appeared in The New Paper.

    (Photos: Instagram)

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