Driving to Malaysia with Baby: How to have a smooth road trip

November 05, 2016
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    Planning for a road trip to Malaysia with your baby?

    Here’s how you can prepare for the journey, says specialist paediatrician and neonatologist Dr Natalie Epton.

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  • Keep Baby cool and hydrated
    2 / 4 Keep Baby cool and hydrated

    Young children are very good at getting sick in the car, but you can minimise their chances of being unwell.

    Firstly, ensure that the car is cool – a hot stuffy car will definitely lead to nausea for everyone – and keep well hydrated.

    Also get a good map that shows where the rest areas are, and allow for stops along the way for nappy changing, feeding and breaks.

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  • Wind down the windows a little
    3 / 4 Wind down the windows a little

    While travelling on winding roads, don’t drive too fast and wind down the windows a little to breathe some fresh air if possible.

    Motion sickness medication isn’t recommended for kids below two years old, so encourage your child to look out of the window regularly, Dr Epton addsKeep a few paper bags handy just in case. 

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  • Don't forget your baby's toys
    4 / 4 Don't forget your baby's toys

    Of course, a good car seat is a must. Choose the best you can afford, as it’s responsible for protecting the life of your child.

    Oh, and take plenty of toys and CDs to entertain the little one – or be prepared to sing nursery rhymes for a few hours straight!

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