Phoebe Sin had C-section delivery; Ruco Chan felt terrible, heartbroken

April 22, 2019
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    It’s a girl for Hong Kong actor Ruco Chan and actress Phoebe Sin. The couple uploaded a family photo on their respective social media accounts on Sunday (April 21), announcing the birth of their first child Quinta.

    Quinta was born about a week ago. Ruco said that he accompanied his 29-year-old wife into the delivery room and cut his daughter’s umbilical cord.

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    Was Ruco moved to tears when he saw the baby? The 42-year-old said: “I was busy comforting my wife, I also felt nervous and afraid. It hurt me to see her in pain from the anaesthesia injection.

    “For a moment, I thought that if it’s so unbearable, maybe she should have not given birth. Seeing her in such pain, and then having to go through a C-section, I felt terrible and heartbroken. Fortunately, both of them are well.”

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    “We haven’t thought of her Chinese name. Maybe we will leave it to our parents or my wife. We call her ‘Little Pig-be’ for now as she was born in the year of the Pig, and my wife’s name is Phoebe, hence the name “Little Pig-be” when combined.”

    “I’ve meant to share this news with everyone (earlier), but I’ve been busy with work.

    “My wife also needed to rest after delivering the baby. I was afraid that she couldn’t handle (the media); she had to breastfeed as well.

    “All of us had to get used to a new routine with the arrival of the baby.”

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    When asked if they found someone to help take care of the baby, Ruco said: “We hired a confinement nanny. Before starting work at our place, she went overseas for a holiday.

    “This happened when there was a measles outbreak at the airport. We were afraid that she might be infected. Fortunately, her medical checks results were clear and she was able to start work immediately.”

    The couple took care of the baby on their own for the first few days and had their hands full then.

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    Ruco added that his daughter was very temperamental. She cried nonstop when he did not feed her enough milk, and when he didn’t wrap her diapers properly.

    He had to go on Youtube to learn how to change diapers and spent five to six hours picking up the skill before he had to leave for work one day.

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    The good-looking couple had announced that they are expecting a baby last November, barely a month after their wedding.

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    A photo uploaded to their Instagram accounts show the announcement spelled out using wedding bands and wooden letter tiles: “Ruco, Phoebe, Baby is coming”, to the delight of fans.

    Addressing his unborn child, the actor wrote on Nov 10: “2018 is an unforgettable year. I’ve gained another status! Looking forward to your arrival.”

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    In a lengthy post the next day (Nov 11), Ruco reflected on a year “where many unhappy things happened”. He also apologised for the unexpected marriage announcement, which took many by surprise.

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    “I’m thankful that I got to meet and marry my wife. I know many of you had different opinions about our marriage, and many felt it was too sudden! I apologise,” Ruco added.

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    Ruco continued: “Today, I can finally share my happiness with my fans. My baby is here. This makes this year the biggest improvement  in my life, and I hope everyone can share my joy!”

    On her Instagram post, Phoebe simply wrote: “Looking forward to your arrival, little piglet”.

    A version of this article first appeared on Asiaone here and here.

    (Photos: Instagram/Ruco Chan/Phoebe Sin)

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