Singapore billionaire Peter Lim wanted daughter Kim to have babies since she was 22

May 30, 2018
  • Peter Lim really loves kids
    1 / 11 Peter Lim really loves kids

    Singapore billionaire Peter Lim is looking forward to having more grandchildren.

    “My family loves children. My dad also really loves kids and has been telling me since I was 22 to have babies soon because, you know, my dad is quite old,” his 26-year-old daughter Kim shares in a recent interview with The Sunday Times.

    Her businessman father, 65, is a former stockbroker-turned-private investor with dealings in various fields such as healthcare and sports. He also owns Spanish football club Valencia and, according to Forbes, has a net worth upwards of US$2.1 billion (S$2.8 billion).

    Kim is the elder of two children – she has a younger brother, 24 – from her father’s first marriage to Teo Geok Fong. He is now married to former actress Cherie Lim.

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  • Peter welcomed his first grandchild in July last year
    2 / 11 Peter welcomed his first grandchild in July last year

    Kim gave birth to her first baby – and Peter’s first grandchild – Kyden last July.

    “My father loves the baby so much and would offer to help take care of him. Our whole family spoils the baby, he’s our family’s joy,” she says.

    The news of her son’s birth came as surprises last year because Kim, who regularly posts about her lavish lifestyle on her Instagram account @kimlimhl, had not shared anything about her pregnancy or tying the knot.

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  • Kim wants to have four kids, like Cristiano Ronaldo
    3 / 11 Kim wants to have four kids, like Cristiano Ronaldo

    Word got out only when Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo flew into Singapore to visit her at Thomson Medical Centre on July 21, three days after she delivered Kyden.

    While Ronaldo, a father of four, did not share any parenting advice with her, they discussed their “common interest” of wanting to have many children, she says.

    The billionaire heiress and social media star tells The Sunday Times that she wants “three or four kids”.

    Her father’s Hong Kong-based company Mint Media owns Ronaldo’s image rights other than those related to his football club Real Madrid.

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  • Kim wants to be a "hot mum"
    4 / 11 Kim wants to be a "hot mum"

    Kim is afraid it would be more difficult to lose the weight gained during pregnancy as one gets older. That’s why she wants to have children earlier.

    “Everyone keeps telling me, you better have them before you’re 30, otherwise you can’t slim down anymore,” she says. “I want to be a hot mum… So if I want four kids, like, I better start soon, you know what I mean?”

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  • 5 / 11

    Over the past six months, Kim has been hitting the gym, watching her diet and attending slimming sessions held by Cambridge Therapeutics, a medical aesthetics brand for which she is an ambassador.

    While she has already lost the 25kg that she put on during the pregnancy, she hopes to lose more weight.

    “But I’m so hungry now. I guess my diet is off today,” she says, as she proceeds to order two main courses – a burger and avocado toast at the interview with The Sunday Times.

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  • Kim registered her marriage in February last year
    6 / 11 Kim registered her marriage in February last year

    Kim, who says she registered her marriage in February last year, declines to reveal her husband’s name except that it starts with a K.

    He has “his own businesses”, she says, adding that she wishes to respect his privacy. However, she has posted photos of him with their baby.

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  • The wedding will take place in October this year 
    7 / 11 The wedding will take place in October this year 

    Originally scheduled for March this year, she postponed her wedding banquet tentatively October as she “felt fat and not good enough”.

    “My wedding has to be ‘bamz’,” she says. “I don’t know how to explain. It’s just, like, a mixture of everything. Bamz.”

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  • First, stay tuned for her baby's "statement party"
    8 / 11 First, stay tuned for her baby's "statement party"

    “I planned all of my dream (wedding) decor and gave it to my baby’s birthday celebrations,” Kim says. It appears that she is putting more effort into planning her baby’s first-year birthday party in July than organising her wedding.

    She hopes the birthday will be “another statement party” in the vein of the 99-day celebration she threw for him at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore in October.

    That extravagant event was attended by local celebrities such as actor Desmond Tan and hair stylist David Gan. It boasted white decor, balloons and carnival game booths.

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  • Kim and her husband take care of night feeding and diaper changes
    9 / 11 Kim and her husband take care of night feeding and diaper changes

    Kim is determined to be an actively involved mum. “Everyone always thinks that I would have many helpers or something, but I am actually very hands-on. Even when I go overseas on holiday, I don’t take the helper with me.

    “I think that’s so important because kids grow up so fast. He is only at this age right now and the moment will pass by very quickly,” she says.

    She adds that she has only one helper who takes over baby duties at home in the morning from 5am. Night feeding and diaper changes are handled by herself or her husband, she says.

    “This is all a learning phase for me. You ask me what challenges I’m facing, but I don’t see any of it as a challenge yet. I just really enjoy the process.”

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  • Her social activities are quite different now
    10 / 11 Her social activities are quite different now

    “I used to party a lot. Recently, I’ve started to go out again, but that usually means family karaoke or dinners,” Kim shares.

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  • She has been learning about the family business
    11 / 11 She has been learning about the family business

    Kim shares that she has been popping into her father’s office in the last month to “learn about the business”.

    “I have to take care of myself for my son, you know? I have to be more responsible,” she says. “The baby comes before everything, so I want to do things for him.”

    A version of this article appeared in The Sunday Times.

    (Photos: The Sunday Times and Instagram/@kimlimhl)

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