Taiwan singer David Tao welcomes first baby on Valentine’s Day eve at age 49

February 18, 2019
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    Taiwan singer-songwriter David Tao and his wife Penny Chiang have welcomed their first baby on Feb 13.

    Their baby boy, nicknamed Bon Bon, made an early arrival as he is only due to be born in end February. He is believed to weigh about 3kg and is in the pink of health.

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    On Feb 15, the 49-year-old posted a picture of Bon Bon cradled in his arms on Instagram, along with an ode to his wife and baby.

    “How do I describe the feeling of the moment he was born?” he wrote in Mandarin.


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    He continued: “Is it similar to buying your first car? Stepping into your new home for the first time? Or the first time you fall in love? I can only say that welcoming a new life is a feeling that is deeper and more complicated than all of those experiences.”

    “I’ve recently been feeling regretful – why do I have to be half a century old before being able to experience this ‘first’? But I believe this is all part of God’s plan.”

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    In the Instagram post, David also thanked his wife Penny for her sacrifice and shared that she can now finally get a good night’s rest.

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    His wife, Penny, also posted a photo of her newborn’s tiny hands on her Instagram account, describing his birth as her “best Valentine’s Day gift”.

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    Prior to his baby’s arrival, the loving husband had planned an elaborate Star Wars-themed baby shower party last month. It was well attended by his celebrity chums, including Jimmy Lin and Patty Hou.

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    “Star Wars was something that my parents introduced to me, and allowed me to fall in love with films,” David explained his choice of theme on his social media.

    “I can’t wait to introduce it to Bon Bon, in the hopes that the strength and power that (these) movies have brought to me, can be passed on to him, allowing him to grow up bravely.”

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    Baby Bon Bon has arrived four years after the couple’s marriage.

    Pregnancy rumours started to emerge last July when Penny was spotted out and about with a baby bump.

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    The rumours turned out to be true as David confirmed on Oct 26 that they’re expecting their first child.

    On his social media accounts, the couple shared the good news by posting a photo of a milk bottle nestled between two mugs labelled David and Penny.

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    Since he got married in 2014, David has made no secret of his desire to have children and once said that he hopes to have three kids.

    “As I am older than Penny by 16 years, I hope to have three children who will be able to look after her in the future,” he said at an event celebrating his 20th year in showbiz.

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    The couple’s journey to parenthood, however, was fraught with difficulty.

    Penny was reported to have suffered a miscarriage last year while she was about five months pregnant. She had low levels of amniotic fluid and was advised by doctors not to continue with the pregnancy.

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    Fans speculated that the loss spurred Tao to write the song “Mars Baby”, but the rumour was later refuted by his record company.

    (Photos: Facebook/David Tao)

    A version of this article first appeared in Asiaone

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