It’s a girl! Singapore singer Stefanie Sun welcomes second child

July 30, 2018
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    Homegrown Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun has given birth to her second child, a girl.

    In Instagram and Facebook, she shared a photo on Monday (July 30) of herself holding her infant daughter with the caption: “Mama’s current status: hungry.”

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    She also wrote: “Baby girl’s current status: checking out a whole new world. Parents’ current status: checking out a whole new girl.”

    Her daughter was born on July 25 at Thomson Medical Centre, and weighs 2.79kg.

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    In the same post, she also posted a picture of a drawing of her new family of four, presumably drawn by her son, who is 5½.

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    He was the one who innocently “told” his class one day when they were learning about MRT etiquette.

    “The teacher was teaching the class about how you have to give up your seat for the elderly, the disabled and the pregnant,” says Sun. “And my son shot his hand in the air and said: ‘My mama is pregnant’.”

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    The award-winning pop star, who turned 40 just two days before giving birth, is married to Dutch-Indonesian businessman Nadim van der Ros.

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    Sun continued to work through her pregnancy, for example, promoting her album A Dancing  Van Gogh, which took her to different parts of Asia.

    She also took the opportunity to rock different maternity outfits, including a very-stylish oversized shirtdress that she pulled together with a belt, as well as sporty colourblocked dress.

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    In a joint statement sent out by music companies Make/Music and Universal Music Group, they asked for fans and media to give the new mum and family some privacy.

    The statement said: “Nadim accompanied Yanzi throughout the delivery and both mother and baby are doing great. Thank you all for your concern and well wishes.

    “We would also appreciate if fans and media alike can give Yanzi and her family the privacy they enjoy.”

    (Photos: Instagram/Stefsunyanzi)

    A version of this article appeared in The Straits Times.

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