The way Stefanie Sun’s 5 year old broke the news of her pregnancy will melt your heart

February 12, 2018
  • Don't tell anyone, okay?
    1 / 5 Don't tell anyone, okay?

    Home-grown singer Stefanie Sun’s son was so excited about becoming an older brother that he let the news of her pregnancy slip before she could even make the official media announcements.

    “He was in the bathtub when we told him the news and he was really excited. We said, ‘Don’t tell anyone, okay? It’s a secret.’

    “When we said that, it was actually with a pinch of salt because he is just five years old. But the next day, the whole school knew about it,” she told local media with a laugh at a press conference held on Feb 9 afternoon at The Arts House.

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  • My mama is pregnant
    2 / 5 My mama is pregnant

    Apparently, he let the cat out of the bag while learning about MRT etiquette.

    Sun, 39, said: “The teacher was teaching the class about how you have to give up your seat for the elderly, the disabled and the pregnant. And my son shot his hand in the air and said: ‘My mama is pregnant’.”

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  • First time she spoke to the media in Singapore about her pregnancy
    3 / 5 First time she spoke to the media in Singapore about her pregnancy

    This is the first time that Singapore press is hearing about her second pregnancy after she announced it on her social media accounts late last month in January.

     The singer was holding a press conference to promote her latest album, A Dancing Van Gogh. It is the second last stop in her promotional trail after she had made the rounds in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    Her final press event will be held in Kuala Lumpur at the end of the month.

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  • This is my second pregnancy – can one lah
    4 / 5 This is my second pregnancy – can one lah

    “I found myself a little out of breath at some of the promotional activities, so people got worried,” she said.

    “Some people suggested that I stop working because I’m pregnant, but when you have worked on an album for so long and you have new songs to share, you just want to do this. Anyway, this is my second pregnancy – can one lah.”

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  • Please be good to your wife all the time
    5 / 5 Please be good to your wife all the time

    It helps that her husband, Dutch-Indonesian businessman Nadim Van Der Ros, has been “extra nice and considerate” in recent weeks.

    “He offers to drive me everywhere, and does many nice things for me. Is it that difficult for him to keep this up all the time?

    “To all the dads in the audience today – can you please be good to your wife all the time, and not just when she is pregnant.”

    A version of this story first appeared in The Straits Times.

    (Photos: ST and Stefanie Sun’s Instagram)

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