Radio DJ Vernon A and influencer-wife Jayne Tham welcome baby after 17 hours of labour

January 03, 2019
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    Class 95 DJ Vernon A and his influencer-wife Jayne Tham welcomed their baby yesterday (Jan 2) at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

    “He’s perfect – my first thought the moment they placed Liam on my chest after 17 hours of labour,” the first-time mum shared the news on her Instagram.

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    “I know that I’m going to miss our couple time for sure,” she shared in another post. “Our friends know us as a couple who spend a lot of time together so having a baby will definitely change things up for us.”

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    “I’ve had my fair share of hormonal episodes this pregnancy and I must say, it’s not easy to handle me on my shittiest days. But my husband however, somehow has the patience that is unwavering, a quality that hasn’t diminished by a single bit during our 7 years together,” Jayne added.

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    “And when I look at him during my meltdowns, I feel undeserving of this person who usually takes no shit from anyone else. His tenderness draws the rawest of emotions out of me when we talk — uncontrollable outpour of tears of sadness, extreme frustration, but also and most importantly, a heavy sense of gratitude.”

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    “I truly am grateful to have married this man who will soon be the father of my son,” Jayne wrote during her pregnancy. “Thank you for being the most patient. I can’t wait to begin on our next chapter together.”

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    Vernon and Jayne married in July 2014. They had met through mutual friends. Jayne is one of Singapore’s leading bloggers, who started out as a model for local boutique Love Bonito.

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    Vernon first broke news that he is going to be a dad with this cheeky post on his Instagram in July, with the caption: “Momo and Yogi aren’t going to be the only babies of the household no more… 👼🏻 joining our little family this January 2019!”

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    Vernon has a son Ethan, who is 14, from a previous marriage. The youngster is already quite a darling on his dad’s Instagram: “How come all of you know me?”

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    Vernon’s parenting mantra has nothing to do with grades. He has said in a separate interview that “it’s OK as long as I guide him well and he’s street-smart.” (No, that’s not his kid here.)

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    Vernon is one half of the Muttons in the Morning with Justin Ang. They also co-own Fatboy’s The Burger Bar and Chinese roast meat restaurant, Fook Kin.

    In the same interview, Justin very cheekily put it into perspective: “Vernon and his tattoos will beat the sh** out of anyone who bullies his son.”

    (Photos: Instagram/Vernon A, Jayne Tham, Muttons)

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