This is what Joanne Peh made for Baby Qi’s 2nd birthday and it’s adorable!

By Elisa Chia   — August 08, 2017
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    Actress Joanne Peh has pretty much become the ultimate #MomGoals, hasn’t she? Since embracing parenthood with actor Qi Yuwu, her Instagram feed has been peppered with awww-inspiring moments with their kids, especially with daughter Baby Qi who turned two on Aug 7.

    The celebrity couple has never revealed her name to the public. They also have a four-month-old son whom they refer to as Qi Di Di.


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    “As my precious celebrates her 2nd birthday armed with a mouthful of vocabulary and an adamant exhibition of her independence, I continue to learn new skills (the art of negotiation) and be inspired by this toddler who has now officially entered the Terrible Two phase,” she shared on Instagram.

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    Joanne’s present for her firstborn? It’s this adorable handmade doll. (Yup, #MomGoals.)

    “Having Baby Qi has ignited the creative side of me, given me the opportunity to indulge in my maternal instincts and allowed me a glimpse through the untainted eyes of a child,” she wrote.

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    By her own confession, her sewing journey started after she became a mum.

    And we must say she has a knack for handicraft – just look at this dress on her daughter!

    It was made with a template that she bought online, she wrote, adding that this was sewn in between nursing feeds and afternoon naps during her confinement after she had Baby Qi. (Seriously?! #MomGoals)

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    She even sewed a backpack!

    “I had been working on making my daughter a backpack before she starts playgroup and because this wasn’t something I had learnt at sewing class, it took me a while to figure out and put together and I finally got it done!” she wrote.

    “Even though this is not perfect and there is plenty of room for improvement, seeing her put it on and not want to take it off just makes my heart explode with love. This is the value of something hand-made and also why this sewing journey is such a worthwhile one for me.”

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    The gorgeous mum also loves sharing craft ideas with other parents.

    In one post, she describes in detail: “I’ve always loved the combination of books and art, and because there is so much cardboard lying around at home, I decided to create something based on my daughter’s favorite bedtime book (at the moment) The Pout Pout Fish.

    “This activity is great because I could spread it out across a few days to keep her interested. On the first day, I drew the body of the fish, fins, eyes and pout on cardboard, cut them out, prepped them with gesso, and laid out soft pastels and oil pastels in different shades of blue for her to colour. Then we read the book at bedtime.

    “Day 2, I mixed different shades of blue paint and gave her paint brushes, a wilted flower and bubble wrap to continue adding colour to the fish. I helped her with the eyes, the pout and some details on the fins and tail, then hot glue everything together.

    “This book has a wonderful rhyme and plenty of art ideas that could be explored. With older kids, you could have cardboard cut outs of the different sea animals, make then into crowns and have them role play based on the conversations in the book.”

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    When her little one was terrified of turtles, this mum helped her overcome her fear by building a “turtle habitat”.

    “At first she didn’t take to them but after days of saying ‘hello turtles’, ‘goodnight turtles’ and ‘bye bye turtles’, she started to warm up to them,” she wrote.

    “Overtime, she added a mermaid and her grandma added some fishing toys. We also got some books from the library to learn about sea turtles and saw different kinds at the River Safari. Today she’s no longer of afraid of them and even wants to sit in the ‘sea’ once in a while.”

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    Joanne’s creativity knows no bounds. She made a play kitchen entirely out of cardboard and roped her loving husband into the project, as well.

    “Papa helped coat it with a layer of gesso,” she wrote.

    #MomGoals? Now, add #CoupleGoals.

    (Photos: Instagram/JoannePeh)

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