10 tips for taking your first holiday without Baby

By Dr Richard C. Woolfson   — February 08, 2018
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    You’re going on a holiday with your husband. And Baby? He can stay with Grandma (or other trusted babysitter) for the week!

    That sounds like a sensible idea because you’ll be able to have a relaxing vacation when you don’t have a little one to care for.

    But as your travel departure date approaches, you might start to feel sad – even guilty – about leaving him behind.

    Here are 10 tips to ensure that everyone in the family gets the most out of the holiday break.

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  • Think positive
    2 / 11 Think positive

    You spend lots of time with your baby throughout the year. Look on this holiday as a well-deserved break for you.

    Remember that he can enjoy quality bonding with Grandma, too.

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  • Plan ahead
    3 / 11 Plan ahead

    Draw up a detailed list of all the equipment, clothes, food and toys that he will need during the week.

    Try to anticipate all possible contingencies so that Grandma won’t have to search high and low for essential items. Revisit this list several times until you’re satisfied it is complete.

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  • Get them together
    4 / 11 Get them together

    Your baby’s week with Grandma will be easier for both of them if they are familiar with each other.

    Certainly, she should have prior experience of caring for him during the day – and, better still, overnight.

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  • Provide a timetable
    5 / 11 Provide a timetable

    No matter how confident Grandma is about looking after your cutie, compile a recommended daily routine that sets out the times for waking up, feeding, bathing and sleeping.

    She doesn’t have to stick exactly to that schedule, but it will provide her with a reliable guideline.

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  • Share his favourites
    6 / 11 Share his favourites

    Write down your little one’s favourite toys, books, activities and places that he likes to visit.

    That advice will be very helpful, as a week can seem like a long time.

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  • Give emergency contacts
    7 / 11 Give emergency contacts

    All will go well in your absence. Nevertheless, provide Grandma with every essential emergency contact, such as the family doctor, hospital and one of your friends who’s reliable.

    Don’t forget to include your own travel and contact details.

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  • Arrange first day activities
    8 / 11 Arrange first day activities

    It’s especially important for you and Grandma to plan all aspects of the first day in particular.

    That’s the most challenging time because your baby may be unsettled having just said goodbye to you, and Grandma may be anxious about her new responsibility.

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  • Allow time for goodbyes
    9 / 11 Allow time for goodbyes

    On the day of departure, give yourself plenty of time to say goodbye to your child. Be calm and upbeat when you do this.

    Floods of tears will only make everyone upset, including your one-year-old. Give him a final, reassuring hug, then leave with a smile.

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  • Keep in touch
    10 / 11 Keep in touch

    Phone, Whatsapp or Skype with Grandma every day at a pre-arranged time though don’t be upset if that can’t always happen at the agreed time.

    Contacting them regularly helps you deal with any minor problems or questions that have arisen.

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  • Enjoy yourself
    11 / 11 Enjoy yourself

    Instead of smothering yourself with guilt about leaving him behind, relax and take advantage of everything your holiday offers.

    Your little one will have a great time, too, being spoilt by his grandmother. Buy both of them presents before you return.

    You’ll all benefit from the vacation.

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