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Preschool guide 2019 digital

Purchase Preschool Guide 2019 (Digital Edition)
at only

Kindly choose your preferred platform to download the digital edition:

Alternatively, you may also download from Magzter.

For those who wish to know more, please refer to the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much is the digital Preschool Guide?
Each digital copy is currently retailing at SGD$2.50(Save 58%). There are slight variations of price in our online platforms due to exchange rate differences.

2. How can I download “Preschool Guide 2019” from Apple Newsstand, Google Play, or Magzter links provided?
You will have to click on the “Special Issues” tab which is located besides “All Issues”.

3. Is there a difference in the content of the print and digital version?
No, there is no difference between the print and digital version.

4. What is the difference between these Apple Newsstand, Google Play, or Magzter links provided?
They are different web app platforms where you may purchase the Preschool Guide. You may choose to purchase your Preschool Guide from any of these platforms.

5. If I’m having technical issues accessing or downloading the Preschool Guide 2019 from the Apple Newsstand, Google Play, or Magzter platform, who can I contact for assistance?
You may contact our support team at support@sphm-newmedia.biz.